11.07.2013 Rave Review for Nightswimmer + Scanner Collaboration!

The collaborative mini-album “Red Sails” by Nightswimmer + Scanner is getting some nice reviews check out this review at Darkfloor.co.uk

“Despite being recorded over 10 years ago this collaborative “mini-album” from London’s Scanner and Melbourne’s Nightswimmer sounds fresh and ageless……..Red Sails is quite a piece of work – shimmering into existence with Inside on the Outside. Eastern sounding dubbed out flow builds into heavier percussive work and undercurrents of synth stabs. Negative/Positive verges on hauntingly beautiful with its opening melody and bubbles of IDM beat work. Going further into the dubsphere is the hypnotic off-kilter groove of The Machinist which plays with styles bringing into the equation a rolling breakbeat complete with high pass filter fluttering.”

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