23.11.2013 The Sound Movement on NYC Breakthru Radio

Last Monday “Art of Leaving” was played on Jack Rabid’s NYC Breakthru Radio show and The Sound Movement’s “Places to See Danger EP” received some very kind words indeed from the legendary host…

“This record, The Sound Movement that we started with..now that is kind of a mysterious group…when I reviewed that record I was talking about how they are very effects driven and that the harmonic dazzle reminds me of what I still love about Blue Oyster Cult’s retrofitting the Byrds on “Don’t Fear the Reaper” so that is the reference that stuck in my mind when I was listening to that EP, pretty much everything on it is like that, its very strong, very distinctive and very, very good.”

Listen to the Monday show online here – it is always a great show and the place to hear some amazing sounds.

The Sound Movement on Breakthru Radio

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