my spiral arm

The first incarnation of My Spiral Arm band formed early in 2011, with a no-nonsense DIY approach harking back to the post-and-pack your own punk and indie bands of the late 70′s and 80′s. Their first 3 track EP is free and conjures up bands like Wire, Husker Du and Buzzcocks as well as traces of Sonic Youth and 90′s early grunge bands. The band put together an blistering existence, imploding within 6 months.

The song “Revolution” written in a mouldy London flat Jan-Feb 2011 was perhaps an early omen and a portent for things to come with the lyric..

“Money is zero it’s made up it’s nothing…”

And the Max Keiser rant..

“(Goldman Sachs)…should be held up on financial terrorism charges”