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04.06.2014 Gentlemen Rogues — New Single!

Gentlemen Rogues have a new single available on vinyl and download!!! Beautifully recorded and even more beautifully played ! Check it out here and grab a copy on transparent purple vinyl while you can.


23.11.2013 The Sound Movement on NYC Breakthru Radio

Last Monday “Art of Leaving” was played on Jack Rabid’s NYC Breakthru Radio show and The Sound Movement’s “Places to See Danger EP” received some very kind words indeed from the legendary host…

“This record, The Sound Movement that we started that is kind of a mysterious group…when I reviewed that record I was talking about how they are very effects driven and that the harmonic dazzle reminds me of what I still love about Blue Oyster Cult’s retrofitting the Byrds on “Don’t Fear the Reaper” so that is the reference that stuck in my mind when I was listening to that EP, pretty much everything on it is like that, its very strong, very distinctive and very, very good.”

Listen to the Monday show online here – it is always a great show and the place to hear some amazing sounds.

The Sound Movement on Breakthru Radio

02.08.2013 Suicide Bankers Drop Their First Epic Single !

Suicide Bankers’ music is lush and immersive with nods to the past and the pair’s obvious influences (New Order, The Cure, Creation (label) bands, Peter Gabriel, more recent acts like TV On The Radio, et al.), but hopefully bringing a fresh perspective as they look towards the future of their individual and combined musical journey(s). Some may wish to define it: there is perhaps a post-punk element, a definite shoe-gaze and
‘post-rock’ fixation with Day’s electronic touches adding the defining characteristics that make up the Suicide Bankers ‘sound’. The songs themselves will tell a better story.

Free/Pay What You Want Download

13.07.2013 Gentlemen Rogues supporting Dandy Warhols

Still isn’t too late to get your ticket and it os FREE…..CLICK HERE

11.07.2013 Rave Review for Nightswimmer + Scanner Collaboration!

The collaborative mini-album “Red Sails” by Nightswimmer + Scanner is getting some nice reviews check out this review at

“Despite being recorded over 10 years ago this collaborative “mini-album” from London’s Scanner and Melbourne’s Nightswimmer sounds fresh and ageless……..Red Sails is quite a piece of work – shimmering into existence with Inside on the Outside. Eastern sounding dubbed out flow builds into heavier percussive work and undercurrents of synth stabs. Negative/Positive verges on hauntingly beautiful with its opening melody and bubbles of IDM beat work. Going further into the dubsphere is the hypnotic off-kilter groove of The Machinist which plays with styles bringing into the equation a rolling breakbeat complete with high pass filter fluttering.”

See the whole review HERE

Name your price to download the mini album HERE

20.06.2013 Gentlemen Rogues …Nice Write Up

While ex-Shifting Sounders Black Books have been wowing audiences touring the UK with Flaming Lips, Gentlemen Rogues are quietly but surely garnering attention for their great EP which is out now.

Here’s one such nice write up

“Gentlemen Rogues explore that punky indie rock area that you can hear from bands like Tugboat Annie or Indoor Living – Come Pick Me Up era Superchunk. Maybe a little Ted Leo..”

The Shifting Store is being upgraded so in the meantime you can get the lovely Blue Vinyl while stocks last HERE

24.03.2013 SXSW Grackle Rock!! Austin Texas

07.03.2013 Nightswimmer + Scanner Mini Album

Another release today comes from the archives, it is Shifting Sounds’s very own Nightswimmer in a special mini album collaboration entitled “Red Sails” with London’s prolific and trailblazing sonic agitator – Scanner, which took place back in 2001-2002. Released now for the first time ever!!!

Scanner is one of the most important electronic musician/composer’s of our times. A true sonic pioneer. For those of you who don’t know him, Thom Yorke wanted to collaborate with him, he sued Bjork for sampling him and won, and Stockhausen the late great grandfather of experimental electronic music was a fan.

03.03.2013 Gentlemen Rogues EP

Out 25th March is the Gentlemen Rogues EP available as a download and as beautiful blue vinyl!

08.02.13 Gentlemen Rogues and other news…

Great news, Shifting Sound’s latest signing Austin Texas band Gentlemen Rogues, will be releasing a new EP on coloured vinyl, a band which have an awesome fresh twist on 90′s legends like Archers of Loaf and Pavement. More news to come on a release date. Also coming are releases from The Sound Movement, newly reformed and a new band called Suicide Bankers. The Shifting Sounds shop is also undergoing a complete facelift and will be a whole new experience shortly…